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How to strip, seal and polish vinyl flooring

This blog post is going to explain the correct procedure to get a vinyl floor looking like new again. Vinyl flooring can be one of the most attractive floor coverings to have, it's also a lot warmer than tiles. So unsurprisingly it is widely fitted in both commercial and domestic premises. One of the downsides however is that they lose their lustre and can look worn and tired. The good news is that the floor can be brought back to life with the correct treatment, so below is a basic step by step guide on how to do exactly that. Some of the equipment required is available to purchase in our online shop at

How to strip and polish vinyl floor

Equipment required:

Vacuum cleaner

Mop & bucket (3 x mops)

Wet vac

low speed rotary buffer

Black or red scrubbing pad

Flat mop

Floor stripper


Floor polish

Working gloves

Safety glasses

Appropriate footwear

Step 1 prepare the floor:

Ensure the floor is cleared

Remove any chewing gum

Thoroughly vacuum floor

Step 2:

Apply the floor stripper as per the manufacturers instructions using the correct dilution ratio. To apply the stripper use a clean mop and apply the solution liberally. Don't apply too much as you will only have more mess to clear afterwards, but enough to soak the floor well. once the floor is soaked allow the chemicals to react to the polish. It will say in the instructions how long to leave the stripper, but it's usually between 5-15 minutes depending on make. Floor stripper is an ammonia so ensure the are you are working in is well ventilated.

Step 3:

Remove the slurry with the wet vac. The stripper will now be a little thicker and have a sludge like texture, ensure you have the safety glasses and gloves when disposing of this sludge.

Step 4:

Rinse the floor. Using one of the clean mops apply water to the floor to rinse the residue off, you should then wet vac this water up. It's good practise to rinse at least twice or even 3 times with plenty of clean fresh water. Once the majority of water has been wet vac allow the floor to completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 5:

Apply floor sealer. Using the last clean mop apply the floor sealer. This is important as it seals the floor to allow for good adhesion for the polish. Depending on which type of floor sealer you have you may need to apply a second coat. Just follow the manufacturers instructions. Again allow the floor to completely dry before moving onto the final stage.

Step 6:

Apply the floor polish. The best way to apply the floor polish is with a flat mop, however a regular clean mop will also be fine if used correctly. The secret of getting the floor to have a deep shine is to apply the polish in thin multiple coats. Often cleaners simply don't understand this and throw it down heavily, this is not correct and will give a poor finish. So with the flat mop apply the polish thinly and evenly using an up and down motion from a 6 o clock to 12 o clock position. Allow this first coat to dry properly typically between 40 minutes and 1 hour depending on atmospheric conditions. Now apply a second coat using a left to right motion so from a 9 o clock position to a 3 o clock position. Again ensuring you use a thin and even coating. By using this method you have applied the polish in an up down and left to right motion, this should ensure you have covered the whole area well.


Unfortunately there is no short cut to performing a floor treatment, it takes time and expertise. The expertise will come with experience so don't be afraid to have a go at it. Obviously for areas where a perfect finish is required then it's best left to the professionals with experience. Unsurprisingly a floor treatment isn't cheap given the labour, chemicals and expertise required to carry it out. However a full floor treatment is a lot cheaper than having a new floor fitted, so it does make economic sense to get it done properly.

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