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Winter bugs, coughs and flu

Sadly the long warm pleasant days of summer are behind us, as Autumn arrives the number of coughs, flu and sickness increases. While there is no way to guarantee your staff will not get sick there is a lot that can be done to reduce it by a considerable margin.

Did you know that each day a communal area is not cleaned increases risk of infection by 31% Also a staggering 90% of staff sickness is contracted actually in the office. So it makes not only good practise to ensure your office cleaning is up to standard, but it also makes good economic sense too. How would your business manage with just a few key people off sick?

A much overlooked aspect to office hygiene is the personal hygiene of the staff. Clearly it's not a great idea to target individuals, but a good approach would be sending a group email reminding all staff of the importance of regular hand washing. This is especially true after using the toilet.

So where are the biggest risks in the office? Communal areas are the biggest risk, because we are immune to our own germs that we carry, and yes we all carry germs to some extent. So things like the water fountain in the office. Repeated use by different people makes the handle a hotbed of germs. Picture this, it's lunchtime and you grab yourself a glass of nice chilled water to have with your lunch. You press the button or lever to dispense the water then use your hand to hold your sandwich. You may have clean hands, but what about Jim and Jane that used the water machine just before you? Did they wash their hands after using the toilet?

So it's not just about ensuring your cleaning contractor does a good job, it is a collective effort from everyone in the office. So don't get left short staffed this winter. Be proactive and send that group email now reminding everyone of the importance to their work colleagues to ensure their personal hygiene is maintained.

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