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Business leaders, ignore your cleaning needs at your peril.

Often cleaning requirements are ignored or delegated to someone junior within an organisation. While it makes sense to task say a receptionist or an admin clerk to oversee the day to day cleaning of a business, it should be given a far bigger priority by senior management than is often the case.

It is crucial for a productive workplace to be a clean workplace. Staff moral not to mention staff welfare relies on the workplace being kept clean and hygienic. However another aspect of a business and it's cleaning requirements is a business that has it's customers use their premises. A couple of examples would be restaurants, cinema or hotels. Ask yourself what would you think if you went to the cinema and it was dirty and smelling bad. Would you stay, or would you return to that cinema again? Probably not right! So that cinema has now lost your business. This same scenario can be played out at a number of different types of business. If you are trying to sell something, would your customers be happy with you offering a product or service in a dirty surrounding? The answer is of course not.

For one company this very scenario has not only come about but even worse it has made the national media. This kind of negative press is about as bad as it could get for a business trying to sell its products. Who on earth would want to stay somewhere that is so dirty? Now there may be a perfectly good reason why this has happened, we don't know, but just the same it could also be because the cleaning was not given the priority that it not only deserves but is crucial. It is not too big of a statement to say that in a business of that kind consistent dirty premises could very well bring the entire company down.

Moral of the story is never underestimate the importance of the cleaning at your business. It may not be glamorous but it should be a fundamental part of your business strategy to ensure you have a clean and fresh smelling place to do your business. If you would like any further info or just some assistance on how you can improve your cleaning procedures contact ICU Clean by visiting our website and send us a message.

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