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Is your office hygienically clean?

We at ICU Clean have been providing commercial cleaning services all over Cardiff, South Wales and the Bristol areas for well over a decade. So it's fair to say we have seen some sights in our time. Also with our experience it's safe to say we know a thing or two when it comes to cleaning. Now we accept that cleaning is not exactly the most exiting of topics for the average person, but for us it is our primary focus and believe it or not we do find it exciting. We have a genuine interest in all things cleaning and hygiene, so we read studies and keep up to date with respected research.

Dr Chuck Gerba, professor of microbiology at the university of Arizona studies how diseases are transferred through the environment. In simple terms he swabs items to see what bacteria and how much bacteria is on the items. One might think the dirtiest thing would be the toilet seat right? Wrong! the dirtiest thing is actually found in the kitchen. More precisely the sponge that is often used and left on or around the sink area. Gerba has found that the sponge contains 10 million bacteria per square inch versus a toilet seat that has only 50 bacteria per square inch. Or in other words that sponge on the sink in your kitchen is 200,000 times dirtier than the toilet seat.

Pretty shocking huh? Well not to us it isn't. That's why we at ICU Clean use a clean cloth every single day that has been washed at 90c WITHOUT EXCEPTION! You need to ask yourself does your cleaning contractor do this too? Or do they have their cloths drying in your cleaning cupboard ready to be used yet again full of germs the following day? We have heard from staff of some cleaning companies that only ever had clean cloths every few weeks. Or that they were expected to wash the cloths themselves at home. There are even reviews on Google from staff at one cleaning company in South Wales that had to use the same cloth for over 100 days! Certainly not an award winning cleaning company for their clean cloths.

So what about your office desks? Well according to John Oxford, professor of virology at the university of London and chair of the Global Hygiene Council The average desk has around 400 times more bacteria on it than a toilet seat. Well Professor Oxford certainly didn't test ICU Clean customers desks, because we use a sanitiser on all our customers desks, because we know what lurks on them.

So if your contract cleaner doesn't sanitise your desks & phone routinely you should be asking them why not. Then you should ask yourself if your contractor actually knows what they are doing. So if you've read this far you probably have an interest in the cleaning at your workplace. Now go to the cleaners cupboard and have a look at what they are using. if you don't see sanitiser then how are they cleaning your workplace, also the cupboard should not smell fausty which is a sign of dirty cloths. Go on, right now go check.

#desksanitising #deskhas400timesmorebacteriathantoiletseat

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