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160 Gauge Blue Bin Bags
Blue Coloured Refuse Sack – Medium Density case of 200
160 Gauge, 18"x29"x39". (200)
Coloured bin bags are designed to aid recycling of rubbish, so that particular streams of waste are easily identifiable.  Colour coded refuse sacks offer easy identification and segregation of waste.  These blue refuse sacks  are suitable for medium to heavy duty waste and have a gauge of 160g.  There are 200 bin bags per box.
Typically a sack will have three measurements; closed width which is referred to as (GW) as most sacks have a gusset, the fully open width (OW) and the length of the sack (L). Where the sack has no closed width or gusset it is typically referred to as a Pillow Sack

Medium Duty Blue Refuse Sacks (Case of 200)

SKU: 118065